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Somali Democratic Awareness


Somali Democratic Awareness is an NGO that aims to explain the principles and foundations of democracy to the people. Our goal is to highlight the importance of free elections, human rights, freedom of expression and the other fundamental principles of a democracy. We also want to provide a basic understanding to the population about the principle of distribution of power and its central role in a democracy. We firmly believe that free elections are the only way to a democracy. 

Our headquarters are in Oslo, Norway.

The board


Sadad Dakhare is the founder and general manager of SDA. He is a medical student in the University of Oslo and has a minor in social studies from the university. He was former CEO of Norwegian-Somali Youth Organization.


Jawahir Abdirahman Yusuf is the SDA's spokesperson. She is the leader of the organization Mir-Ung, which runs various activities for young people and offers them homework help. She is currently nursing student.


Ahmed Ali Ahmed is the SDA official in UK and member of the board. He holds a bachelor's degree in Islamic studies from Medina University in Saudi Arabia, and is currently studying social sciences. 


Abdihakim Jama is the general secretary of SDA. He is an electrical power engineer with a master's degree in renewable energy. He is the founder and leader of the energy company NOVA Technology. He is socially engaged and passionate about democracy and human rights, and has worked with various organizations in this field.

It is time for the people to realize that they can influence the way forward. Their voices must be heard.

Sadad M. Dakhare, Leader of SDA

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