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Advisory Board


Fawzia Haji Adan is the head of the Advisory Board of SDA.  Fawziya is the former Deputy Primeminister and former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Somalia. She has served many years as politician in Somalia and is well for hard work in the statebuiling and development of Somalia. She is currently MP and leader of the party NDP. Fawziya Haji Adan is a strong advocate for women's participation in politics and a rolemodel for young politicians. 

baadiyw 2.png

Dr. Abudrahman M. Abdullahi (Baadiyow) He has been a military officer and former chairman for National Unity Party . He is  electronic engineer, Islamic scholar and civil society activist. He has been and still is a source for advice and guidance for presidents and primeministers of Somalia. Dr. Baadiyow has been one of the most active motivators of youth taking part in politics and also an advocate for democracy. 

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Dr. Abdi Ali Hassan is one of the most known MP's of the Somalian Government. He has a Ph.D in Economics and agro-food policy from University of Udine (Italy). He has served under critical time in Somalia and been one of the statebuilders. He is currently Professor of Economics at the Somali National University.

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